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About Me


Technical leader, Program Management Consultant, Software Architect. Experience owning, designing, and implementing enterprise technology solutions in the Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Real Estate Management industries.


Founder and Architect


  • I started Intuitive Thought LLC (IntuitiveThought.com) to challenge myself in new ways and to build skills beyond that of a traditional engineer. Today, my company offers services that aim to grow and optimize other businesses. This is achieved through web design, SEO, online marketing, and software development.

2017- Present
Business and Technology Consultant
Business Growth and Optimization
  • ​Intuitive Thought LLC began as a software development company. Through evolution we developed 2 core offerings; business growth and optimization services. 

    • Our growth services focus on customer acquisition through an enhanced online presence. This includes web design, SEO, and online marketing. 

    • Our optimization services aim to automate manual or inefficient business processes with technology.  

  • As a recent client success story, a local auto detailing business (reference upon request) provided feedback that they saw a five figure increase in sales in the first month after we deployed our services. This included launching a search engine optimized web site and new traffic strategy, resulting in new direct sales.


Lead Architect

Production Line Manager Project
  • As founder of Intuitive Thought LLC, I grew the business from one to seven members within one year, and created a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) named Production Line Manager (PLM), for HammockGear.com's manufacturing business.

  • As Software Architect, I am responsible for the development and target architecture of PLM's technical stack.

  • PLM is built on Microsoft Azure, AngularJS, .Net C# (APIs), and SQL Server Azure Edition. The technical stack includes a Data Integration layer, Authentication / Authorization layer, Business Logic layer, and User Interface.

  • My team and I worked with Hurst Environmental to serve as an early adopter and to provide industry expertise in manufacturing as input to system requirements​


Lead Architect

Staffing Management System Project
  • I designed and built a Staffing Management System for one of the largest Dental Staffing Firms in North East Ohio. The system was written in .Net C#, on a SQL Data Engine, with an internal auto-update service to push enhancements.


Engineering Consultant

Enterprise Resource Org.


  • Consult with program leaders and other stakeholders to provide designs, solutions, estimates, and technical guidance to help strategically drive the project or program. 


Program Automation Lead

Metro Data Center Program
  • Leading Engineers, Analyst, and Testing personnel across multiple projects involving all Progressive Applications, all Infrastructure & Operations domains, and Business Platforms

  • Designed and built a software product to programmatically stretch all Progressive networks across multiple data centers in production while it was live. As a result, Progressive avoided costly production outages by reducing the system impact window from days to minutes

  • Owning Program Test Engineering Strategy that directs all Test Automation activities across all Domains, and Business Platforms. Includes data center planning, design, and implementation (about 400 people on this Program)

  • Influencing and guiding Progressive and vendor personnel to ensure high quality integration between all Applications and Infrastructure & Operations systems


Program Consultant 

Product Model Continuous Delivery (PMCD)
  • Provided short term consulting service to program that identified 13 opportunities for enhancing efficiency of program delivery pipeline, and quality improvements.

  • Developed recommendations for all opportunities, which spanned across the Program, addressed job families, and roles.

    • Examples: identified opportunity for developers to substantially increase velocity by automating prep work for requirement sync ups, which could eliminate 36 hours of work within a two week sprint.


Automation Architect

PolicyPro Program
  • Served as a Program Automation Lead and Automation Architect in the Test Horizontal and Automation Service Team, which included over 30 engineers

  • Designed, built, and maintained the primary test automation platform for PolicyPro, which services 11 million policies representing 30 billion dollars of written premium (2019). The solution includes the PolicyPro Test Automation Framework (TAF), Policy Servicing Test Data Management System (TDM), and PolicyPro Test Guru (automation platform).

  • Led and developed automation technical strategy directing the Program Automation Service Team, and provided test engineering solutions across the Program and into adjacent domains / business platforms


Systems Test Engineer Lead

Beyond Product Delivery
  • Instructor, designed curriculum, and course materials for a reoccurring 12-week programming workshop

  • Serve on ERO STE Leadership Team, includes rotational Initiation Phase estimation service for all enterprise projects

  • Participated repeatedly in Progressive’s Edison Innovation Code Jam as an Application Developer.

    • Recent example: using .Net C# and Twilio APIs, helped develop an SMS integration system that would allow customers to open claims via SMS Text.

  • Provided ad hoc consulting support to development and test engineering peers in various domains.


Application Developer


  • Developed and maintained applications to be used internally across all business units including finance, support, billing, product development, company websites, and Salesforce.

2011- 2013

Application Developer

Internal Applications Team
  • Contributed to the maintenance of MRI's entire Salesforce code base, all production Salesforce data, and added new features regularly to solve for evolving business needs

  • Lead Developer for the Boston Post (BP) Business Acquisition Project. Responsible for acquiring intellectual property from the acquisition to the Internal Applications Team.

  • I designed and delivered an integration system to migrate BP billing data into our own billing system (Salesforce). Technologies used included .Net Web Services, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQLCLR, and APEX Web Services

  • Lead Developer for the VaultWare (VW) Acquisition Project, I adapted the VW licensing system into our own licensing system. This enabled MRI to issue software licenses for VW products seamlessly

2007- 2011

QA Engineer

Product Development Organization
  • Designed Test Engineering solutions to include data generators, test harnesses, and other automation tools using T-SQL, .Net, Test Complete, Quick Test Professional, JMeter, and JIRA.

  • As lead QA Engineer on the Data Integration Project, I designed and created the primary data validation and  data generation framework used for migrating our clients from our 4.0 platform to our 5.0 platform on MRI Web application.


E4 - Senior Airman


  • Air Force Space Command, 91st Space Wing, Minot AFB

2003- 2007

Electro-Mechanical Technician (Level 5)

ICBM Missile Maintenance
  • As a member of the EMT Team, I held the role of Assistance Team Chief. My department was responsible for maintaining ICBM weapon system availability of 99%+ up-time. 

  •  My scope included all electronic and mechanical systems below and above grade of ICBM Launch Control Facilities and Launch Control Capsules.

  • I perform Missile Guidance Set programming, maintained RF transmitters and receivers, long distance cabling, electronic test equipment, in-circuit and data flow testing, motor generators, amplifiers, power inverters, signal generators, AC /DC Circuits, digital circuits, and more.

PLM Product Development

PLM Product Development

PLM Architecture

PLM Architecture

Customer Value

Through experience, I've attained a laser focus on customer value. As an Engineer, I have found that it's easy to add self perceived value, and recognizing the difference is paramount. I believe that to be the best, my team and I must deliver the most value to the customer, and effort that doesn't add value should be managed as an expense.

Creativity & Logic

I am a self taught Developer, and naturally creative. I enjoy blending logic and style, then applying it to my solutions. I have a knack for finding similarity in things that are seemingly unrelated, which helps me find creative answers to problems. Lastly, I pay attention to the look and feel of a product as much as the engineering. This results in a synergy that drives a more successful product.

Solution Design

To me, solution design involves solving a series of problems that work together toward a common goal. I enjoy design because I love solving problems, and I get to think deeply about how it affects everything around it to ensure integration, quality, and success.


Risk Management,

Business & Technology Strategy

Project Management,

Pipeline Efficiency, Staffing Models

Customer Relationship Management,



Setting Target Architecture,

Full Stack Developer

Technology Agnostic, Database Design,

Data Migration/Integration

Azure, Cloud, Salesforce, .Net, C#, Java, AngularJS, SQL, Oracle, APEX

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